Friday, August 5, 2011

The Unholy Trinity

I've recently produced several images about the Illuminati mythos. In this one, we actually get to see one of them.

The unholy trinity of powers of the world: Economy and his two bitches, war and religion. I am very aware this image might upset some people but is just the way it is, the way it has always been.

You are probably wandering just who are the people depicted in the portraits on the far wall.  Well, they're very relevant personalities related to this concept, you may like to check on each of them:  Issac Newton, Leonardo DaVinci, Jacques de Molay,  Alister Crowley and Sir William Sinclair.

Suggested reading and media to complement this picture's subjectAny book by David Icke, Zeitgeist (documentary), Inside Job (documentary), The Shock Doctrine (documentary) and of course ultimate Illuminati documentary: watch here.

I can't even tell you how much work I put into every little detail of this one... it was a graphic nightmare.  
If you live in Europe you might spot the vinyl edition in your local metal music store: It was produced for a very cool progressive metal band from germany; The Outside.


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Cover (poster version)

Cover Art (vinyl version)

The Bank Corporations

The Military

The Catholic Church

Concept Sketch
Concept Sketch (alternate)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Halford - Live At Saitama Super Arena

Making a cover for the Metal God is obviously a true privilege, whatever be the style required for the project. For this release, I originally proposed something very dramatic and elaborated in the line of the fantasy genre (something more in "Bergamin style"), but ultimatelly Mr. Halford and his management decided to go for something much more simple and straight forward... which I think is very reasonable.

The image featured behind Rob Halford is the Saitama Super Arena Building (Japan). Photo material of the arena from that angle
at nightime were unavailable so I have to paint it from scratch using small res pictures as reference.  This was a very important directive; they wanted the arena in the cover.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Enciende Tu Mente (Turn On Your Mind)

The concept for this one is kind of elusive. As the band originally explained, it was about expressing yourself against a hostile society. Projecting your inner self energetically. "Enciende tu Mente" is spanish for "Turn On Your Mind" so that may deliver some clues.   The TV sets are just a way to represent a hostile social environment; envy, prejudice and worse.

For me, this is X-Men meets Carrie.

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Cover Art

 Cover Art with logo and title

 Concept Sketch

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"True Gods", Animated Video

This is one of those opportunities in which you end up doing something you never knew it would get bigger and bigger and bigger...  I landed in the chair of Director before even considering directing anything!

One day my good friend Ubaldo asked me "can you make me an animated video for my song True Gods???   I foolishly replied "of course!", without even imagining what I was getting into.   Very early in the process I realized I wasn't going to get the job done all by myself so I recruited a very talented young illustrator called Jonathan Larenas to help me with all the characters.  Of course since I don't have a clue about animation software I relied on the talents of Altair Films, a very prolific special effects company.  With this assemble, "True Gods" eventually became a reality.

The Plot:
In ancient times, the Anunnaki arrived on Earth to enslave humans and put them at work mining precious minerals. This however didn't past unnoticed by the cosmic forces...  in a remote planet called Parramon, someone is watching...

The Song:
True Gods is a song from the album "Dead People", by british band Parramon. 

The Crew:
Directed By Claudio Bergamin
Produced by Altair Films
Script by Ubaldo Esteban and Claudio Bergamin
Illustrations by Jonathan Larenas, Claudio Bergamin and Luis Saavedra
Animation by Jose M. Del Solar and Cristian Cristallini



(blue sketches by Jonathan Larenas)



Friday, March 11, 2011


Very difficult concept that turned into a graphic nightmare.

For me, this image is about the search for the promised land. The hope for a better place... the immigrant's dream. Since the time of the Exodus or earlier before; the time in which the homo sapiens exited Africa to head north, humans have always move from one place to another hoping for a better life when things got difficult.   This is about the search for an utopian society... moral and transparent.

Commissioned for cover art by italian progressive band Aura, this was no easy task.  As they originaly explained, "Deliverance" was about a dream a man has while traveling on foot through the lands of Palestine.  In this dream, he experiences the suffering and tribulations of the hebrew people all the way from the Exodus to the last days of Christ.  All to the purpose of obtaining his own redemption.  Quite a concept to condense in just one little painting right?   We went through countless sketches and emails back and forth discussing the concept and it took them a while to finally choose sketch #1!  go figure!

 Getting the right look for the crystal city was a real pain in the butt...   I conducted an extensive research on crystal structures... oh wait, there are no crystal structures!!!   

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Cover art

Cover art with logo and title

Detail #1

Detail #2

 Detail #3

Chosen Concept Sketch

 Unused Concept Sketch