Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Arjen's New Real

This is another cool piece of art made for Arjen Lucassen's "Lost in the New Real".

At this point in the story, Mr.L shockingly discovers that he wasn't really awaken from his cryogenic sleep; and more so, he wasn't even a full body!  Dr. Voight Kampff and his team were able to save his brain only,  so they put Mr.L's brain in a preservative tube.  Once submerged in this weird liquid, the scientists connected his consciousness to a virtual reality system that would create a whole new life for him...   Electrochemical signals through wires and tubes stimulating Mr.L's cerebral cortex to induce visuals, odor, touch and sound...   "The New Real".

But is it real?  is he still a man?  or is he a machine?   Mr.L will face this existential riddle at the end of the record...  in the 10 minute title track of "Lost in The New Real".

For this chapter of the story I proposed a very old fashioned concept loosely based in the movie poster of "Star Trek III, The Search for Spock".   I knew that depicting just the brain wouldn't be interesting enough; we needed Mr's L's image to round this painting as a whole.   "Mr.L's essence" is represented by his image over-imposed in the composition... almost ethereal.  Mr.L's physical form at this point is reduced to a lonely brain submerged in a tube filled with a green fluorescent liquid; surrounded by the lab equipment.

I think the result is super-cool but we couldn't release it as promotional material because it gives away the ending of the storyline!!!  So we included it in the last pages of the booklet.

Mr.L lost in the new real...

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The Painting

Concept Sketch