Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"True Gods", Animated Video

This is one of those opportunities in which you end up doing something you never knew it would get bigger and bigger and bigger...  I landed in the chair of Director before even considering directing anything!

One day my good friend Ubaldo asked me "can you make me an animated video for my song True Gods???   I foolishly replied "of course!", without even imagining what I was getting into.   Very early in the process I realized I wasn't going to get the job done all by myself so I recruited a very talented young illustrator called Jonathan Larenas to help me with all the characters.  Of course since I don't have a clue about animation software I relied on the talents of Altair Films, a very prolific special effects company.  With this assemble, "True Gods" eventually became a reality.

The Plot:
In ancient times, the Anunnaki arrived on Earth to enslave humans and put them at work mining precious minerals. This however didn't past unnoticed by the cosmic forces...  in a remote planet called Parramon, someone is watching...

The Song:
True Gods is a song from the album "Dead People", by british band Parramon. 

The Crew:
Directed By Claudio Bergamin
Produced by Altair Films
Script by Ubaldo Esteban and Claudio Bergamin
Illustrations by Jonathan Larenas, Claudio Bergamin and Luis Saavedra
Animation by Jose M. Del Solar and Cristian Cristallini



(blue sketches by Jonathan Larenas)