Friday, December 24, 2010

Destiny Man

This is my tribute to the mysterious world of remote viewing. Little is known about people with this ability or their endeavours. Remote viewers have been among us since ancient times; their ability has been used by men for such things as predicting a good hunt in pre-historic times (shamans) to locate spies during the cold war (psychic spies of the CIA).

There are many theories about how this people acquire this amazing skill: some say it's a natural gift, other have suggested it's something you can actually train and develop; that in fact any of us have the ability in our frontal lobe; it's just a matter of exercise. It has been even suggested you can awake remote viewing abilities with hallucinogens such as "Haiawaska" or "San Pedro" like Shamans have been doing for millennia.

It is a subject I find extremely interesting and I can't have enough of it... If you're interested, you can start by reading "Supernatural" by Graham Hancock.

I re-made this painting almost from scratch. I was never really satisfied with the original result.


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