Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Anunnaki

Produced for the british band Parramon, "Dead People" is a concept album of mythic proportions. It tells the story of how The Anunnaki, a tyrannic race of reptilians from another planet, dominated the human race in a remote past. They were looked up as gods of course and pyramids were builded for them. There are many versions and theories about why they came; precious minerals, fuel, genetic experiments, even human flesh!   Look for it in the History Channel series "Ancient Aliens".

This is by far one of the most difficult and detailed digital painting I've ever made. I took me about five days just to compose and paint everything. But I previously spent about a week doing research in order to get everything right in it; destroyed buildings, symbolisms, ancient writing, dead trees and toombstones.

There are many symbolisms in this work... lets see how many you are able to spot.

made in 5 days in Photoshop.


click on each image for full size:

Cover Art
CD Cover Art





Additional Art

Concept Sketch

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