Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dr. Slumber's Eternity Home

This image was produced for Arjen Lucassen's "Lost In The New Real" album.

Not every day I get the chance to explore humor in my art commissions.   Most of my clients have an interest for the darker side of life, which I always try to approach with some irony; I couldn't possibly go dark all the way (well, not all the time!)...  I need at least a little bit of dark humor.  Well, this image goes way beyond your usual sarcasm...  it embraces it.

One good day, Arjen sent me this really happy song about a euthanasia clinic in the future...  only Arjen could get away with something like this!    "I want a twisted Doctor and two hot dancing nurses in front of their clinic", he said.    I thought this concept was insane!  But immediately regarded its endless graphic possibilities.  I envisioned the classic "mad scientist" in his creepy Art Deco laboratory;  tesla coils everywhere and a stormy sky!

In Arjen's words: 
"This is a very happy song about...suicide! I wanted the image to look like a campy advert for a 'euthanasia home', where (in the far future) people could voluntarily end their lives in a humane way. But of course I wanted it to be very tongue-in-cheek so we could get away with it, it's such a delicate topic! There had to be an evil doctor holding a syringe, some dancing nurses, a building with sleazy neon letters and a menacing sky. But I expected that would be impossible... Imagine my surprise when Claudio arranged a REAL doctor holding a real syringe and two hot nurses! This image is amazing, just look at all the intricate details that Claudio came up with. A both funny and disturbing image, not easy to make! Claudio did an amazing job with this one, I think this is my favorite image in the booklet"

Concept Sketch #1 

Concept Sketch #2

Behind The scenes with "The Nurses"

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