Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Colonization and cultural contamination are two subjects (or maybe just one) that I always been interested in. Nothing good could result when a developed society invades (either in a friendly or unfriendly manner) a more primitive culture. 

There is plenty of examples for this in history but this image deals specifically with the colonization of South America. It was commissioned by chilean band Huinca (term for the non-aborigine in Mapuche language) as cover art. The concept is a mix of a little bit of mythology with modern politics... it blends the ancient battle of the common man against an impossible adversary (like David and Goliath), which in this case is represented by a massive Lovecraftian creature; in its back, it carries what I call the "unholy trinity" of powers... war (missiles), religion (a cathedral) and economics (oil plants + Wall Street).

Our heroes, are representatives of the three main aboriginal cultures of the lower part of South America: Mapuche, Inca and Rapa-Nui (Eastern Island).  All three against an all-powerful and evil adversary... will they succeed???

This was the second of two sketch proposals; the original concept was a rendition of David and Goliath; a regular joe against a super-powerful foe.  The Cuthulhu-like creature came out almost naturally.    The three aboriginees, represent the three main cultures of the chilean territory (even though Rapa-Nui or Eastern Island is in the middle of the Pacific!!!).  I wanted it to be really epic!   to achieve this I new I needed a very dramatic lighting treatment and a spectacular angle view to take full advantage of size and scope!  It was painted in adobe photoshop; I used very thin brushes for the all the details of the main characters and really thick hairy brushes for the landscape, which is rough and texturized...  this is a classic Frazetta trick!   

I had a lot of fun making this one...  enjoy!

click on each image to enlarge:

Original wide view composition.

Album Cover

Concept Sketch

Unused Concept Sketch

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